Redwine Swiss Farmer Cheese 1250 g

Redwine Swiss Farmer Cheese about 1250 g

by Walo Von Mühlenen

The cheese follows the Tilsiter tradition with a special note! It is from the eastern part of Switzerland, in the Säntis mountains. 

The affinage occurs in a cellar with moderate cold and humidity to let the cheese ripen slowly develop the perfect rich and creamy taste. The affinage also includes red wine, which makes the whole cellar exude its aroma. After six months of aging, the cheese is perfect with a beautiful nice dark rind, a light red wine taste, an affirmed character, and a creamy substance.

9 Awards

World Cheese Awards 

Super Gold: 2014

Silver: 2013,

Bronze: 2 x 2016

International Cheese Award (Nantwich)

Gold: 2014

Silver: 2018, 2017, 2015

Highly recommended: 2015

Region:                                    several dairies in eastern Switzerland matured in the     Bernese mountain region.

Milk:                                         cow raw milk

Classification:                         semi-hard cheese

Rind:                                        smeared, dry, black brown

Texture:                                    yellow white, sometimes small holes, smooth, flexible

Taste:                                       strong-mature, smooth with a hint of red wine.

Ingredients:                              milk, salt, animal rennet, natural starter cultures

Affinage:                                   8 - 10 month with red wine

Rennet:                                     animal


 (Cheese are cut by hand and the weight of each piece can vary. Please understand that we cannot guarantee the exact weight and that there might be a 15 % +/- difference in weight)

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