Swiss Cheese and Sausages

See below our half-hard and hard cheese selection; the most common varieties as well as sausages from Switzerland. Excellent Raclette and Vacherin Fribourgois for your top Fondue mixe.

We only sell depending on the type of cheese either by a block of about 2.5 kg, half rounds 3.3 kg or full rounds 6.6 kg, and minimum order as such of HKD 2000 including mixed with wine, cheese, coffee, and or sausages. Free delivery for orders from HK 2000.00 upward.  

If you order through the internet please use a multiple of 100 g to order your required quantity. (F.e. 1.5 kg = 15 * 100 gr - chose 15 units)-  Raclette Round we sell only in half rounds of around 2.3+ kg or full rounds of around 4.6+ kg  You may also order by email  

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