About Us

For 35 years, Hermann Hofmann has been serving consumer goods, food services and the fashion industry by launching and creating thousands of products and many household names today available at leading retailers and gastronomy outlets in Asia.

Hermann Hofmann’s roots are in Switzerland; a country of many languages, a paradise for quality food, wine and luxury products.

The SELECTION HERMANN HOFMANN brand is a seal of endorsement, allowing consumers to make a safe choice in terms of quality assurance and connoisseur grade selection.

SELECTION HERMANN HOFMANN stands for unique wines, coffee, chocolate, gourmet food and life style products, which Hermann has discovered and chosen to be part of his selection. Because of his life time experience in the food and beverage industry an professional choice of only the best, the products distinguish from what is otherwise widely available in the market and truly lifts up from competition.

SELECTION HERMANN HOFMANN is the preferred source for connoisseurs looking for GOURMET AT ITS BEST.

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