Electus 2013 Valais Mundi

Electus 2013 Valais Mundi Switzerland

The vintage

2013 was a challenging year for wine producers. Spring was rainy and overcast, and June was cold. It was clear from the bud break that the harvest would be small. Then the wind and rain caused a certain amount of shatter during the blooming period. These months were tough on the wine producers, who really had to battle to conserve the small harvest. Hot and fairly dry, July was a welcome break. The onset of ripening took place in good conditions. August put the wine producers back under pressure, with some humid periods. Luckily, nature gave us a dry and bright Indian summer, which allowed the grapes to ripen slowly. There were a couple of light rain showers during the harvest period. In summary, a fretful year, characterised by cool temperatures, humidity and small quantities.


Selection by plot, with granite, limestone, loess, schist, ysch and limestone shale soil types.


Cornalin, humagne rouge, diolinoir, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc.


Around 4 hectares: 1 hectare of cornalin, 1 hectare of humagne rouge, 1 hectare of diolinoir and 1 hectare of merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. Terraced vineyards, small plots. Traditional viticulture with integrated production.


The ELECTUS grape harvest started on September 26th and ended on October 25th. Each grape variety was picked separately by hand, at optimal maturity.


The grapes are vinified separately. After a cold maceration, the fermentation started automatically. During the run-off process, the wine is put into French oak barrels, 80% new and 20% previously used.


The wine is aging during 18 months. Blending take place at the same time as racking.


35% cornalin, 28% humagne rouge, 18% diolinoir, 9% merlot, 8% cabernet sauvignon and 2% cabernet franc.

Alcoholic level

14.5 %

Category: cornalin

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