Etter Zuger Kirsch vieux & noble AOP 41% vol.

Zuger Etter Kirsch vieux et noble 41 % vol., 70 cl 70cl

Zuger Etter Kirsch vieux et noble 41% vol.

Origin of fruit: from the kirsch region of Lake Zug/Switzerland

Fresh fruit quantity: 9 kg cherries for one 70 cl bottle

Storage/maturing" matured for 12-24 months in stainless steel tanks

Color: pure, crystal clear

Bouquet: refreshing, fruity with fine hint of blossom

Taste: aromatic and rich, pure cherry, harmonious, mild and elegant

Tip for drinking: An ideal digestif which perfectly rounds off a good meal thanks to its elegance and superb harmony of flavors. Why not try it as an aperitif too?

Or: raspberry cordial with a shot of Kirsch

Orange juice with a shot of Kirsch

Fruit salad with a dash of Kirsch

Cake with a dash of Kirsch

and not to forget; you need it for your Fondue


Classic Zuger Etter Kirsch: Etter’s favorite is a world star 

What is true of whisky to the Scots and cognac to the French applies to kirsch
for the Swiss
and, it goes without saying, to the area of Zug. Produced
using the small, black kirsch cherries from the best locations in the region
round Lake Zug, it has been distilled and fully-aged as the main product for 4
generations by Etter Soehne AG. The fact that the term “Zug kirsch” has, over
the years, become synonymous with Etter kirsch is undoubtedly due to the
ned company’s ability to distil its top product with care and passion
in equal measures. A family-owned company with a worldwide reputation: thanks to Etter kirsch!

The great, great grandfather of the company’s current management only purchased cherries from the farmers he knew personally, ensuring that Etter was always supplied with the best and ripest fruit. This relationship of trust continues today and provides the guarantee of quality. Similar to red wine, kirsch also lives on its fascinating diversity of flavours as expressed by Etter through its range of products. Look for “your” kirsch: is it the fruity-elegant classic “Vieux et Noble”, the full-flavoured, aromatic “Vintage Alter Zuger Etter Kirsch”, the mild-earthy “Vintage Wild Kirsch” or the full-of- character “Vintage Weichsel Kirsch”? Every single drop delights the drinker in its very own way, and maintains the balance between fruit and spirit.

Pure nature. A unique harmony of flavours. aroma palate after-taste, with a guarantee of Swiss- style enjoyment

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