L'Arbalete Dezaley Grand Cru AOC 2022

,L'Arbalete Dezaley Grand Cru AOC 2022

by Jean Et Pierre Testuz SA Vaud Switzerland

Dezaley is a prestigious Swiss wine appellation in the Lavauxwine region of Vaud. It covers 133 acres (54 ha) of breathtakingly steep, heavily terraced land overlooking Lake Geneva. These historic slopes helped Lavaux's vineyard terraces to win UNESCO World Heritage status in 2007.

Dezaley and its neighbor Calamin were the first sites in Switzerland to be awarded Grand Cru status and enjoyed a long time on this lofty pedestal until 2010 when Switzerland's wine authorities drew up a more extensive Premier and Grand Cru system.

Grape Variety

Chasselas is Switzerland's most essential and widely planted white wine grape variety. And is particularly common in the Vaud region.

Chasselas tends to ripen early on the vine, making it a good match for Switzerland's cool alpine slopes. However, it can be a very vigorous and overproductive vine if not properly controlled, which has contributed to its poor reputation outside Switzerland. Many Chasselas-based wines can seem quite neutral. However, the best examples can be complex and rich, showing a range of fruity, floral, and mineral flavors with good acidity and the ability to age well in the cellar. 

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