Le Gruyère AOP aged 14 mts about 2 kg

1/16 of a round about 2 kg

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Hard cheese matured for 14 months, first in a cave and then in a natural cellar. From the mountains of the Swiss Jura, strong and spicy, a typical Gruyère.

Ideal as a dessert cheese or for hot dishes.

Not just any Gruyère

This cheese is special, but it’s the story that makes it unique. And you can taste it with every bite. People were already making cheese in the Stone Age … and just like us today, they probably sat together, ate it, and told each other stories.

And that’s exactly what this cheese is made for. It tells us its story and inspires us to share our stories, making the moment unforgettable.

For me, it was clear that if I was going to offer Gruyère, it had to be special. Not only did it have to have a unique origin, but it must also have a unique character and taste.

I visited many cheese dairies and cellars throughout the Gruyère production area, but I found nothing and wanted to give up after a while.

One day I was driving through the Swiss Jura and remembered the story of a village where the inhabitants all live to be over 100 years old.

They said the reason for this was the special herbs that grow at 1000m above sea level; the milk in this region is particularly healthy. I thought to myself that I wanted my Gruyère from this milk. I knew a cheesemaker nearby and went to his dairy.

The cheese was exactly as I wanted it, but it still lacked the right affinage. I tried different variations, but the best method was first a real sandstone cave and then fine-tuning in an old traditional cheese cellar with high humidity, not too cold, to keep the dough nice and creamy.

After 14 months my extra-long matured Gruyère was ready. An incredible character, strong yet creamy and healthy. Who knows – maybe you’ll taste the stories of our ancestors who rested in the same sandstone cave? Because history has a taste


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