Couverture Chocolate (Selection Hermann Hofmann)

Selection-Hermann-Hofmann couverture is produced in Switzerland by Max Felchlin AG. It is normally used by professional chocolatiers, chocolate producers and pastry chefs and now available for every chocolate enthusiast and or culinary schools in Hong Kong.

Melting: Double boiling (Recommended) - double boil couverture buttons with hot water under 50°C. Keep water or moister away from the chocolate. Stir the chocolate constantly until it completely melts. Shaping: cool the chocolate immediately at around 10°C. Chocolate will set in around 20 minutes. Remarks: If temperature fluctuates while storing buttons, bloom (a gray-white film) may appear on the chocolate, however such blooming does not affect the quality nor taste of the chocolate as long it is before expiry date stipulated on package.


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