Sion, Valais

Provins is the largest wine producer in Switzerland. From this you might assume that the wines would be uninteresting, but far from it. Provins is still small on the international stage but they take their responsibilty to represent the Valais region very seriously indeed.The Grand Prix du Vin Suisse awarded Provins the title of "Winemaker of the Year 2013" for their extraordinary work and great wines and the team keeps going from strength to strength.The oenological group at Provins includes five oenologists and a head of production - that small team makes an amazing number of very diverse wine ranges.Provins vinifies grapes for over 3,300 vine owners spread between Sierre and Lake Geneva. In the cellars, twenty-two varieties are cellared which enjoy special care and are looked after according to their type in tank, in wooden barrels or barriques of oak or larch.In 1920, while the wine economy in Switzerland faced a major crisis many winemakers began to organize themselves regionally. So between 1930 and 1932 four co-producers were created, each with their own facilities in steeping and pressing to avoid dependence on private cellars for steeping their crops.In 1932 the private cellars refused to sell wine to co-operatives so the growers created their own sales organization, la Fédération des Caves de Producteurs de Vins du Valais, Provins.