Etter Vieille Orange „Barrique“ 40% vol. 70cl

Etter Vieille Orange „Barrique“ 40% vol. 70cl

 Origin of fruit: Sicily, Italy 

Varieties: blood-orange „Sanguinello“ and „Moro“ 

Storage/maturing: 18 – 24 months in barrels and 50-Lt demi-johns 

Colour: golden brown 

Bouquet: fresh, rich, profuse orange aroma 

Taste: fruity and harmonious, intense, fresh citrus combined with delicate woody nuance. 

Tip for drinking: Its elegance and grandiose harmony of tastes offer an exquisite finale to a sophisticated meal, as a digestif or a drink. 

Savour this soft, fruity Vieille Orange from a tulip-shaped glass at 15-20°C, and allow the aromatic bouquet to unfold. 

Vieille Orange – fresh citrus aroma from the South 

Oranges can be bought everywhere nowadays – we enjoy them in the form of fruit juice, or together with other foods or simply as a seasonal fruit. Mostly we don’t give a lot of thought to where the orange comes from. We know the trees only grow and bear fruit in tropical and subtropical climates, but perhaps not whether they were always native there. However, the original name of the orange in many European languages gives us the clue: it is «Chinese apple» - for example ‘Apfelsine’ in German (sina means China). In China the orange was well-known already in 2000 B.C. and only found its way to Europe much later. So, let’s enjoy it now that it’s here........ 

We have chosen only the aromatic Sicilian blood-orange for our distillate. After peeling the fruit in an intricate and time-consuming process, the aromatic peel and part of the juicy pulp are put into stainless-steel tanks to ferment. Once distillation is completed, the core of the distillate is divided between 50-Lt demi-johns and 225-Lt oak barrels. After maturing for 18-24 months, the two distillates are brought together. 

Enjoy an orange differently for a change – as a digestif or drink, aromatic, smooth and rotund. 

"Eau-de-vie" – the „water of life“ - has been both profession and vocation to the Etter family for decades. The Etters consider themselves very fortunate to be able to carry on this tradition as a passionate, independent family enterprise now for the 4th generation. 

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