Etter Vieille Prune "Barrique"

Etter Vieille Prune "Barrique" 41% Vol Product Of Switzerland

Origin of fruit: Switzerland

Fresh fruit quantity: 8 kg plums for one 70cl bottle

Color: golden brown

Bouquet: elegant, rich in aroma and delicately fruity

Taste: fruity and harmonious, with subtle hints of wood, vanilla and almond, gentle on the palate

Tip for drinking: 

The ideal digestif to round off a good meal, thanks to its superb harmony of flavours. Why not try it as an aperitif too?

Savour this rich-tasting fruit spirit from a tulip- shaped glass at 15-20°C to allow the exquisite bouquet to unfold and the concentration of flavours to emerge.


Etter Vieille Prune - a unique and fascinating fruit bomb

The plums used are the sugar-sweet “Löhr” variety, which are ideally
suited for distillation, particularly since they fall from the tree naturally only when extremely ripe. Hand-sorted and checked for their sugar content using a refractometer, the plums are first mashed and then subjected to temperature-controlled fermentation the natural transformation of the fructose into alcohol. After slow distillation has been completed, the best parts of the ‘Löhr’ plum spirit are stored partly in 50 litre glass demijohns and partly in 225 litre oak barrels. Maturing time is approximately four years until, by assembling the two parts in varying ratios, a perfect harmony of fruity, floral and spicy tastes with a hint of almond is attained.

Our Vieille Prune is an ideal after-dinner drink around an open fire. While enjoying a really strong Havana cigar such as a Bolivar Robusto, it’s easy to find a few glassfuls missing from the bottle! Or a glass of Vieille Prune with a slice of fresh plum tart, straight from the oven and topped with almond flakes and cinnamon... delicious!

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