Tilsiter 500 g, 1 kg, 2 kg, 4 kg

Past-Tilsiter Switzerland Green (mild) full round, about 4 kg

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Mild, slightly sour, delicate consistency: that's Past-Tilsiter Switzerland. Young consumers, in particular, appreciate it for its balanced aroma and smooth texture. The popular green is just as suitable as a simple meal as it is as a basis for refined dishes. Cheese salads, toasts, and cheese slices, for example, work wonderfully with him. And of course, it looks great on any cheese platter. Past-Tilsiter Switzerland is produced in individual cheese dairies. Most are family businesses. All of them adhere to the strict quality controls without compromise - from the milk delivery to the cheese ready for consumption - and work towards a common goal every day: to make a fine Past-Tilsiter Switzerland that is always full of enjoyment.



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