Ziegenkoenig (Goat Cheese)


Käsiade 2021 – Gold

From the first hearty bite and the light, typical smell of goats in the nose, we immediately picture ourselves in the middle of the steep pasture slopes surrounded by the proud Toggenburg goats. While the funny goats wink at us while plucking herbs, the mild, spicy aroma spreads across the palate. The down-to-earth character of the cheese culminates in an indulgent flavor fit for a king.

 An excellent and award-winning goat's cheese.

  • It is traditionally made entirely by hand in the specialty cheese dairy in Bodmen
  • produced.
  • A mild yet delicately flavored cheese. Ideal for new discoverers of the goat
  • cheese.
  • Most of the milk comes from original Toggenburg goats.

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